Late Morning Perspective

I watch the cat slumped against a pillow on a chair.  He’s drifting in and out of sleep.  His incessant licking has left his lower abdomen a buddha belly bald.  My acoustic guitar takes in some sun.  It propped up on its stand in front of the window that faces the street.  I’ve not touched it in over a month.  Its become a dormant floor ornament.

I hear a church bell singing a slow melody in the distance.  I look forward to hearing it every weekend.  Then suddenly the tempo picks up.  The bells seem to be rejoicing or spreading a message of faith to those on foot.  A reminder to the people that their church is there for them.  I’m not religious, but this is music to my ears.

There’s a pressure behind my eyes making them feel heavy and burdened.  I’m still in my striking sleepwear – a red, black and white plaid pajama bottom and a turquoise tank top with a palm tree graphic.  Three cups of coffee into my morning and I still feel sluggish.  The cat is fast asleep on the same chair in the same slump.  He’s snoring and I’m envious.

Today is a good day to be outside.  The heavy rains have dissipated and spring has sprung.  There’s this energy beyond the living room windows that excites my eyes.  The sun reflects white bursts in rear car windows as they pass by.  I’ve never seen this many stars so early in the day.  I should start putting myself together if I’m to explore this cosmos that’s teeming with life.

But now the clouds come.  They seem to wrap themselves around the world like arms.  I see tree branches quiver from uninvited winds and the stars have disappeared.  The energy I thought once to be exciting has now slowed to a crawl.  The bells sound once more as if they seek to revive the world.  An enthusiastic attempt to purge the skies befallen by gloom.

Suddenly a light begins to break through.  The tempo in the street picks up the pace.  Perhaps there really is some magic to those bells.  I still don’t see my stars, but I’ll keep my eyes open.  I guess I’ll remain awake while the cat still sleeps.




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